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02 February 2007 @ 11:39 pm
[ 05 ] friday i'm in love - sunset icons  
i actually hate fridays. Because its a math/science/english day. It kills my brain. I think its science and english that puts it off X3.
And sometimes french x___x.

But anyways, i used the pictures illa *sister* took of sunsets, I love them. It's teh same place but the sky is always different ^^;

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friday i'm in love; sunset icons

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-ichigo*14sakura_hide69 on February 2nd, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC)
isn't your sister the best in taking natural and sunset photos... the should be credits going to me!!! lool kiddin, but really loving the icons sis ^^
Starlit Woods: sunset treesstarlit_woods on February 15th, 2007 01:00 pm (UTC)
beautiful photo's and icons :)
Sara: camerasheeri on February 15th, 2007 03:49 pm (UTC)
these are beautiful. taking at least friday.
mathilda_sheep on February 15th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
Your sister is one talented photographer and you are one talented iconmaker!
Nicoledubonette on February 15th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
wow awesome! You and your sister is supergood at this! Took it all!
the Girly SushiMonster: 06. Peter + Wendymokie_icons on February 16th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
tell me about it, my sister goes crazy when the sun sets { especially when she has a bad habit of leaving the camera around the house so i have the enjoyment of watching her squeel up and down the stairs >:] }
Nobody's laughing now: R - swinglavinialavender on February 15th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC)
Saved all of them; good job.
jirucloud on February 19th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)
these are so pretty ^.^ Might have to yoink a few ^.^